caring for an elderly dog
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caring for an elderly dog

When your dog doesn't seem interested in eating his food, do you know what to do? When your dog vomits often, could there be something serious wrong with him? If he struggles to get up the stairs, does he need to see a vet? Having never owned an older dog, I knew nothing about the things that can begin to go wrong when dogs age. I adopted this guy when my neighbor moved into a nursing home and had to learn a lot about how to care for an older dog. My blog is filled with the many things that I have learned over the last year through the help of my vet.


caring for an elderly dog

How To Choose A Boarding Kennel For Your Pet

Lucy Grant

Choosing the right pet boarding kennel for your pet can be a big process, since there are many safety and health factors to consider. Here are some things that you should look for when choosing your kennel. 


When you are looking for the safest pet kennel, be sure to check for relevant certifications. The American Boarding Kennels Association awards a certificate to certain kennels that meet high standards for safety, cleanliness, and other factors. This can help you weed out some kennels immediately, or at least scrutinize kennels without a certification. 


While you're away, security will be one of the most important factors for your pet. The pet might try to go looking for you and attempt to leave the kennel. A great kennel will have many steps in place to guarantee that your pet will be safe in the kennel. There should be several levels of gates or other physical barriers to keep pets from getting loose. Another important factor is how well your pet gets along with the staff; if the pet feels comfortable in the kennel, he will be less likely to try to leave. You may want to take your pet to the kennel ahead of time in order to make sure he or she feels comfortable there. 

Supervision is a key component of security for your pet. There should be someone watching your pet at all times, either in the same room or through a security camera. Plexiglass walls in the kennel are a great addition because they allow staff to continuously check to make sure pets are safe. 


Some kennels will allow you to customize your services to include grooming, walking, and special treats for your pet. If you have a special routine for your pet, talk with the kennel so if they can make arrangements for a personalized service. 

Health Care Options

The best kennels will have a close relationship with a veterinary office, in case a pet becomes sick during your time away. The vet should also set policies about keeping the animals safe; for instance, you should check if all pets are required to have certain immunizations before entering the kennel. Be sure to ask about how the kennel handles sick pets and manages communicable health problems such as fleas and parasites. 

When you choose the right pet boarding kennel, it can make going out of town much more relaxing. Hopefully, you will be able to find a kennel that is both safe and friendly for your pet.