caring for an elderly dog
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caring for an elderly dog

When your dog doesn't seem interested in eating his food, do you know what to do? When your dog vomits often, could there be something serious wrong with him? If he struggles to get up the stairs, does he need to see a vet? Having never owned an older dog, I knew nothing about the things that can begin to go wrong when dogs age. I adopted this guy when my neighbor moved into a nursing home and had to learn a lot about how to care for an older dog. My blog is filled with the many things that I have learned over the last year through the help of my vet.


caring for an elderly dog

Cool Pets Are Happy Pets: 5 Awesome Ways to Keep Fido Cool This Summer

Lucy Grant

Dogs get hot just like humans do. Humans tend to sweat in order to cool off, and dogs typically pant when they are hot. Humans are able to take care of themselves, but dogs need their owners' help. So in the summertime, when you have to send your dog outside for whatever reason, you need to take some steps to keep Fido cool so that he doesn't suffer from heat exhaustion. Here are some awesome ideas:

1. Get a Kiddie Swimming Pool

You know those round plastic swimming pools for toddlers? Well, they make a great little swimming pool for Fido. These are extremely affordable and provide your dog with easy access to drinking and playing water. If you want, feel free to jump in with your pet for a half hour or so for some bonding and relaxation.

2. Purchase Some Freezable Chew Toys

Dogs love to chew on toys, so purchasing some that can be frozen is an ingenious idea. You can hand these frozen toys to your four-legged companion to enjoy throughout the day when he or she gets hot and needs to cool off a bit. Look around the house before you go out and buy new toys, as you may already have some that can be frozen. If you have an old teething ring from a child, it can be frozen and given to your furry friend. 

3. Opt for Wet Food, or Moisten the Dry Food.

If your dog typically eats dry kibble, then you should think about offering wet dog food during the summer. Wet food contains roughly 75 percent moisture, while dry dog food contains about 6 to 10 percent moisture. The difference in moisture content can do a lot when it comes to your pet's hydration. If you don't feel comfortable switching to wet dog food, just moisten the dry kibble. This can be done with water or milk.

4. Freeze Drinking Water

Another option is to freeze your dog's water and place it outside before you leave for the day. It will melt throughout the day, of course. However, it will help ensure that your dog's drinking water remains cool so that there is a nice, refreshing drink available when he or she begins to get too hot. 

5. Make a DIY Cooling Bandana

When you get hot, you may put an ice pack on the back of your neck to help bring your body temperature down. Well, the same concept can be used for Fido with a cooling bandana or collar. Although there are some options that can be purchased directly, you'll save money by making your own. You'll need a bandana that matches your pet's personality and some polymer crystals.

Whether you leave Fido outside while you're at work or your dog just loves the outdoors, the aforementioned are some simple, easy and effective ways to keep your pooch cool this summer. If you notice that your dog is panting harder than usual and acts extremely confused or sluggish, it's time to call a veterinarian to make sure that your dog isn't suffering from a heat stroke.