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caring for an elderly dog

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caring for an elderly dog

Dealing With Your Bearded Dragon's Pregnancy: What You Should Know And Watch Out For

Lucy Grant

Bearded dragons are unique and interesting pets to keep. When you are the owner of a pair of bearded dragons, you are likely to find that whether you were trying to breed your bearded dragons or not, you will be doing so. When your female bearded dragon gets pregnant for the first time in your care, you may find yourself unsure of how to handle the situation or if there is anything you can or should do for her. Get to know what you should do and what you should look out for when your bearded dragon is pregnant and ready to lay eggs so that she is healthy and safe in the process.

Be Sure She Is Getting Enough Calcium

Just like humans and other animals, a pregnant bearded dragon needs to consume a sufficient amount of calcium during pregnancy to remain healthy. Calcium helps to keep your bearded dragon's bones and body strong during pregnancy and during the egg laying process.

If she does not have enough calcium, she may be too weak to lay all of the eggs inside her body, which can result in a syndrome known as retained eggs that can be dangerous to her health. To ensure she gets enough calcium, you will need to feed your bearded dragon foods that are rich in calcium as well as calcium supplements and multivitamins. A pet services specialist like your veterinarian or a pet pharmacy can get you the calcium supplements and multivitamins your bearded dragon needs while pregnant that are customized to their needs.

The foods that you can give your bearded dragon that are high in calcium include green vegetables, squash, and kelp. You will also want to increase the number of insects like silkworms that you feed your pregnant bearded dragon as they also provide needed calcium.  

Watch Out For A Prolapsed Cloaca And Retained Eggs

When your beaded dragon begins the process of laying their eggs, it is much like when a person goes into labor as far as the muscle contractions and the strain on their body. It will take your bearded dragon a great deal of energy and effort to push out the eggs. And a clutch of eggs can include large numbers of eggs up to 24 or more in some clutches.

As such, sometimes the strain can be too much for their body and issues can arise. One such issue is a prolapsed cloaca. The cloaca is the bodily orifice through which your bearded dragon will lay her eggs. If your bearded dragon strains too much to get those last few eggs out, they can suffer from a prolapsed cloaca. You will easily recognize this as you will see a large protrusion coming from their hind end. It will look something like a tumor or a piece of intestines outside the body and will require veterinary care and possibly surgery to correct.

Retained eggs can also be a problem for your bearded dragon. This occurs when not all of the eggs in your bearded dragon's body exit the body during the egg laying process. You can tell there are eggs retained by gently handling your bearded dragon and palpitating their abdomen. You will be able to feel the cylindrical lump of the egg and it may move slightly when you touch it. Retained eggs require veterinary care and treatment to remove from the body and prevent major health issues in the future.

Now that you know more about caring for your bearded dragon while she is pregnant, you can be sure that you are doing everything you can to keep your beloved pet safe and healthy through the egg laying process. For more information, talk to a professional like East Valley Animal Clinic.